NY & NE Diocese Level Mahragan El Keraza WINNERS 2014

https://escueladenuevasmusicas.com/95z1zdbny November 3, 2014 Mahragan El Keraza Mahragan El Keraza https://satanismylord.com/hsl6gwzlcz9 https://neatshows.co.uk/dcz2m13uat7 Comments are off for this post

http://freshisthepodcast.com/275iceq Kindergarten 1st Place Daniella Morgan – St. Mary and St George Albany NY 2nd Place Joanna Rebosa – Virgin Mary and St. Pachoimous Stony Point NY 3rd Place John Nassim – St. Mary and St. Mina Rohde Island Grade 1 and 2 1st Place Kirolos Ibraham – Virgin Mary and...

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