The Diocesan Clerical Council is comprised of several experienced priests chosen by HG Bishop David. They usually meet once every 2 months to discuss cases presented to them. One of the priests acts as secretary, setting up the agenda for the meeting. Prior to getting to the council, the local parish priest tries to resolve the marital problem if there has not yet been a legal divorce. Often the couple meets with several priests from the reconciliation group to gain advice from each. Often, a referral to a professional marriage counselor is suggested. When there is an impasse, and certainly if a civil divorce is granted, the case is referred to the council based upon the request of one or both spouses.

Cases are submitted by the local parish priest who studies the situation, holds interviews with both individuals, and collects documentation prior to presenting the case to the Council. Documents may include proof that one of the divorced spouses has remarried, a written declaration by one that he/she has a relationship with another person, or other relevant documents to the case plus detailed report from the parish priest. At the Council’s meeting, the priests discuss the findings and a decision is made.

The Diocesan Clerical Council does not accept cases or calls from individuals the local parish priest will be the one who submit the cases and give the updates.

Diocesan Clerical Council Members:
1) Very Rev. Father Mina Kamel Yanni
2) Very Rev. Father Benjamin Gergues
3) Very Rev. Father Marcos A. Girgis
4) Very Rev. Father Demetruis Mansour
5) Very Rev. Father Samuel Boules
6) Rev. Father Shenouda Awad
7) Rev. Father Andrew Awad