NY & NE Clergy

The Diocese of NY & NE has (18) Hegumen & (23) Presbyters

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, the priestly rank of hegumen (Gr. ἡγούμενος) corresponds to that of archpriest or protopresbyter (lit. “first priest”) in any given parish. The Church prays for these priests in their elevation rite, saying, “Allow him to teach Your commandments and to be concerned with the purity, love and holiness of your people that they may be presented blameless unto Christ, the heavenly Groom.”

The word “presbyter” (Gr. πρεσβύτερος) literally means “elder.” He is a leader in the local parish after the bishop and exists to officiate the services, consecrate the Mysteries, and present the flock perfect in Christ. The presbyter is a sacramental image, a living sign and expression of Christ’s eternal Priesthood.

Very Rev. Fr. Mina K. Yanni
Very Rev. Fr. Yohanna T. Guirgis
Very Rev. Fr. Yacob Ghaly
Very Rev. Fr. Guirguis S. Tadros
Very Rev. Fr. Benjamin Gergues
Very Rev. Fr. Moussa Makram Shafik
Very Rev. Fr. Guirguis Samy Abdelmalek
Very Rev. Fr. Antonious Tanious
Very Rev. Fr. Youhana Mina
Very Rev. Fr. Abanoub Elias
Very Rev. Fr. Angelos Doss
Very Rev. Fr. Antonios Makarios
Very Rev. Fr. Demetruis Mansour
Very Rev. Fr. Samuel Boulos
Rev. Fr. Mina StAntony
Rev. Fr. Armia Toufiles
Rev. Fr. Eshak Girgis
Rev. Fr. Youhanna Abadeer
Rev. Fr. Luke Awad
Rev. Fr. Mark Iskander
Rev. Fr. Tadros Bishara
Rev. Fr. John Rizkalla
Rev. Fr. Isaac Sourial
Rev. Fr. Antonios Habib
Rev. Fr. Peter Dimyan
Rev. Fr. David Naguib
Rev. Fr. Kyrillos Sadek
Rev. Fr. Mina Aziz

Very Rev. Fr. Moussa El Gohary
Very Rev. Fr. Marcos A. Girgis
Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Azmy
Rev. Fr. Antonious Wassef
Rev. Fr. Youhanna Gobran
Rev. Fr. Shenouda Awad
Rev. Fr. Kyrillos Gobran
Rev. Fr. Samuel Hanna
Rev. Fr. Andrew Awad
Rev. Fr. Isaac Salib
Rev. Fr. Mikhail Ibrahim
Rev. Fr. Pishoy Mikhail
Rev. Fr. Mina Kaddis

Arch Azer Abdelmalek
Deacon Antonios
Deacon Kirolos Ghabour
Deacon Salib Ghobrial
Deacon Habib Girgis
Deacon Cyril Anthony