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Warning Widespread Scam

We have received complaints from members of various congregations who have been contacted by individuals purporting to be representatives of government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and claiming to collect amounts allegedly due in connection with tax obligations. It is our understanding that these individuals have threatened congregants that they will be arrested by the FBI or deported if they do not satisfy the debt immediately.

Unfortunately, several parishioners have already been victimized by this scam and paid large sums of money to the criminals pretending to be government representatives. As this is now a widespread scam, we advise our congregants to be very cautious when communicating with individuals who represent themselves as government agents. To the extent someone identifying themselves as an IRS or other government agent contacts you regarding a tax liability and threatens arrest or deportation, please do not provide any information to that individual and, instead, contact the Internal Revenue Service independently to confirm whether the information provided by the individual is accurate.

May the Lord bless you and protect you from the evil of this world.

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