Trip to Egypt

The (Egyptian) ministry of state for youth affairs (and Athletics), Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates & Ministry of Tourism.

Ordering Ambien From Canada invite 15 youth of both genders from the Diocese of NY & NE to visit Egypt from Aug 20th to Sep 3rd, 2016

All accommodations, visits & transportations inside Egypt will be covered by the Egyptian Government. You will be only responsible to buy the flight ticket to Egypt

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July 1 2016

Your Grace Anba David –
Bishop of New York and New England, America

Cheapest Zolpidem Online A spiritual kiss and a brotherly greeting and may the Lord bless your service,,, The (Egyptian) state ministry of youth affairs and (Athletics) together with the ministry of state for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates and the ministry of tourism are in collaboration to establishing a (youth) program to bring about a sense of connection towards the generations of migrant youth of America, Canada, Australia and Europe to their motherland the beloved Egypt and to introduce them to the major development projects currently underway in the land of Egypt. The ministry is therefore hosting a number of youth from the Egyptian expat communities in the diaspora to visit tourist attractions of historic and religious heritage as well as Egypt’s development project sites and meet with a few public figures and (Egyptian) state officials and religious leaders with the following requisites:

  1. The trip kicks off fromĀ August 20 through September 3, 2016.
  2. To select (15) youth candidates of both genders from several churches throughout the diocese.
  3. Age 20-35 years old.
  4. Being an expat for a period no lesser than 5 years.
  5. To be accompanied by (1-2) fellow youth of American or Canadian or Australian or European origin or background.
  6. To be accompanied by (1-2) (Egyptian) Muslim youth who is a friend to reinforce the bonds of friendship.
  7. To have no prior participation in activities pertaining to the state ministry of youth affairs within the last five years.
  8. The government will sponsor the living accommodation as well as hosting, visits, and transportation as long as the visiting youth pay for their travel expenses. May Christ keep you and continually bless you to serve the church and its children

with my utmost gratitude and appreciation,,

Tawadros II
Pope Tawadros II

Buy Generic Ambien Cr Pope and Patriarch of The See of St.Mark

(Stamped: Coptic Orthodox Patriarchy, Papal office)