Courses start at the beginning of the month of September and end at the end of May of each year.

Each academic year has two semesters:
First Semester: From September to December
Second Semester: From February to May

Mid-terms break is from December 25th to January 19th

Time of Semester Final Examinations:
First Semester: From January 20th to end of January
Second Semester: The month of June, dates will be announced

Degree: 4 consecutive years

Cost: $100.00 per course

Documents Needed to Enroll:
1. Registration form
2. 3 passport-size pictures
3. Recommendation letter from father of confession
4. Copy of the highest diploma received
All of the above four items have to be mailed to the institution at 500 Todt Hill
Road, Staten Island, NY 10304

1. Registration starts June 1, 2018, with deadline on July 1st, 2018.
2. Registration fee $50.00

Course hours weekly:
Monday – Friday from 6 P.M. – 9 P.M.


Core Curriculum
1. Theology – Spiritual and Pastoral (H.G. Bishop David’s Thursday Evening
2. Old Testament
3. New Testament
4. Comparative Theology Creed
5. Ritual Theology
6. Church Rites
7. Coptic Language
8. Patristics
9. Greek Language
10. Hebrew Language
11. Education, Psychology and Church Management
12. Church History and Councils
13. Coptic Music & Hymns

Third and Fourth Year, Additional Courses as Follows:
1. Law Verses
2. Preaching
3. Holy Gospel and Science

Fourth Year:
Optional Practical and Clinical Service for the Following Specialties:
1. Youth Service
2. Service for The Sick
3. Service for Prisons
4. Deaconship Service

Courses will be offered in both Arabic and English

Registration form in PDF