Buy Zolpidem Online From Canada WHO ARE WE?
Koinonia Ventures is the official nonprofit organization of NYNE Diocese lead by His Grace Bishop David. Buy Cheapest Ambien Online MISSION:
Koinonia Ventures is devoted to support, empower and connect talented, oppressed youth to reach their potential. VISION:
Talented youth to reach their potential and positively influence their society. WHO ARE THE OPPRESSED?
In the 3rd world countries, social conditions remain a concern; inflation caused by the currency flotation, energy subsidy reform and other food price shocks significantly affects the Egyptian households, especially the poor and the vulnerable segments of the population as well as the middle class. ​In Egypt, unemployment continues to be high at 12.4 percent in the final quarter of the calendar year 2016, and rates are higher among youth and women. The sharp increases in (food) inflation is likely to limit poverty reduction and negative short-term effects could be felt across different income levels. WHAT DOES KOINONIA MEAN?
Koinonia is a Greek word that occurs 20 times in the Bible. Koinonia’s primary meaning is “fellowship, sharing in common, communion.” ​To be in koinonia is to be united in purpose, and serving alongside each other.