Third Annual Servants’ Seminar

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  • Friday | June 27, 2014 to Sunday | June 29, 2014
  • All Day
  • 400Attendees
  • 50Staff members

We are excited to announce that Reigniting the Candle, the Third Annual Servants’ Seminar, will be held June 27th to 29th, 2014, through the Grace of God.

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More Than a Name

Through God’s grace, the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United States continues to grow in the number of churches and its congregants. As a result, there is a growing number needing to be served.  All too often, servants spend most of their time serving without taking the time to feed themselves with spiritual fruits. Consequently, the ‘fire to serve’ that was once present is close to being (if not fully) smothered.

Christ as the ultimate servant, like a candle, sacrificed Himself in order to give light to others. As servants and His disciples, we are called to do the same. Without the initial spark, it isn’t possible. “Reigniting the Candle” is focused on the essential need to reignite the fire to serve. It is a time to replenish the same spiritual fruits that you as a servant strive to give to others.  In addition, the seminar is focused on unifying our efforts as servants through the
sharing skill sets, challenges, and experiences while promoting discipleship and fellowship among the servants.

This seminar is intended for individuals who currently serve our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ whether this be in the church, local community or in missions abroad.

Our Speaker: His Grace Bishop Youssef

HG Bishop Youssef  Listening to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Grace Bishop Youssef entered the monastic life in 1986 at the El-Souryan Monastery. He was ordained into the priesthood in 1988. Then in 1989, he came to the United States under the auspices of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the 117th Pope of the Holy See of St. Mark. He was appointed resident priest to serve the Coptic congregation of St. Mary Church in Dallas/Fort Worth.

In 1992, His Grace was ordained as General Bishop and in 1993, His Grace was appointed to oversee the Southern Coptic Diocese. In 1995, His Grace was enthroned as the first Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States.

It is at the feet of this beloved bishop that we will be gathering to learn about Salvation in the Orthodox Concept.

The Topic of Salvation

The spiritual struggle of our life centers on our need to achieve a deeper relationship with the Pantocrator and how our behaviors do not always reflect this intention. In fact, many times our actions make us wonder: How could someone as impure as I ever enter the place where only the purest of the pure can enter; the place where only those called holy are permitted?! Did the wondrous Lord, to whom be all Glory, intend for this outcome?

The Economy of God’s providential plan answers the question of Salvation in the Orthodox Concept.

Registration Information

  • How do I register?
  • Can I register for 1-day or come as a visitor?
    • This seminar is designed to creating a unifying environment for spiritual growth, reflection, and discipleship. Therefore, attendees are expected to attend as on the full schedule for their benefit as well as the environment for other servants.
    • No unregistered visitors will be allowed at the convention site and the location does not accommodate visitors.

General Information

  • Who can attend?
    • This seminar is intended for all individuals who currently serve our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ whether this be in the church, local community or in missions abroad.
    • When you register, please select the primary area where you serve. The form lists several areas of service. If your area is not covered, please select administration and email us at so that we can add the service to future registration forms.
    • Areas of service on the registration form include:
      • Children aged 5 years or younger
      • Elementary aged (6-12 years)
      • Middle and High School youth
      • College and Graduate youth
      • Deacon
      • Family Service
      • Administration
      • Missions
      • Food ministry/Facility Maintenance
      • Community service
      • Visitations (elderly, hospital)
    • Participants must be born on or before June 1, 1993, OR must have completed college by May 2014.
  • Can I bring my children?
    • The location is a university campus which does not accommodate children. We truly apologize for the inconvenience.

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